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GWS superheated water high-gloss traceless injection mould
Technology of quick rising and drop of mold temperature
Disadvantages of the traditional temperature control technology for injection molds:
The need of high-gloss injection molding for quick temperature rising and drop cannot
 be met.
The margin of temperature rising is very small. As a result, the welding traces on
product surfaces can be alleviated rather than removed thoroughly.
Due to the great hardness and poor fluidity of plastics, this technology can
only make the surface hardness of a product grade HB, failing to meet the actual
requirements ofapplication.

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    Due to the molds expansion when in temperature rising and its shrinkage when in temperature drop, the clamping force is quite unstable.
    Thus, the products are easy to suffer from short molding, scorching, excessive internal stress and other defects.
    Configuration of die
    The molds inner surface should be very smooth, so as to ensure high surface quality
    for products.
    The pipelines arranged in the mold must be rational so that temperature can rise or
     drop quickly.
    The molds internal pipelines should be of good heat conductivity.
    The necessity to have temperature rise and drop frequently in production makes it
    necessary to select good steel materials for the mold.

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    The organizational structure is even and the expansion and shrinkage coefficients are
    Pay special attention to the molds mintenance when in use, making it dry and dustless.
    Advantages of the superheated water high-gloss mold temperature controller
    Remove the welding wires and traces, ruffles and silver marks on product surfaces.
    Solve the surface shrinkage of plastic products completely.
    Enhance the product surface as smooth as a mirror.
    It is unnecessary to conduct processing after spraying to products, increasing the rate
    of finished products by 20% to 30%.
    Solve the float phenomenon of woven products, ensuring better quality.
    Make thin walls formed, so as to improve the fluidity in injection molding and product quality and strength.
    The injection molding period for the thick wall forming may be reduced by over 60%,
    improving plastics fluidity and filling effect.
    95% of heat energy may be recovered.
    The medium may be recovered completely.
    It is unnecessary to connect it with a boiler or other external auxiliary temperature controlling equipment, avoiding the application of complicated boiler plants (the approval of the safety and environmental protection performance of high-pressure equipment) and pipe works.

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    Solve the great energy consumption of boilers due to steam cannot be recycled.
    Due to its small volume, it can be moved conveniently and used with different equipment.
    The hot water of 180 can completely overcome the disadvantage of environmental pollution of boilers.

    Features of superheated water high-gloss traceless injection mould
    10.4truecolor LCD (optional) with touch-type Chinese character input function, all-Chinese interface and simple operations
    A full-closed loop controls the detection of input temperature and output temperature; the molds actual humidity realizes back locking of PLC; and digital colors are available for varying display, making the output accurate and stable.
    For the six kinds of alarms including high-temperature hot water, cold water, air temperature and pressure, the interlocking between time and temperature movements and the injection molding machines signals is employed.
    Components imported from Europe and USA are used.
    A one-way or two-way mold (optional) is used for temperature detection; the input pipe and the output pipe are made of 316 stainless steel pipes; and there are multiple groups of I/O interfaces.
    The heating, cooling and hot/cold transformation functions are available.
    It is designed with recovery systems for high-temperature hot water and cooling water, saving energy significantly.

    Application of superheated water high-gloss traceless injection mould
    At present, it enjoys extensive application prospects in industries like household electrical appliances, automobiles, communications, articles for daily use, and medical instruments. Particularly, it is widely applied to LCD TV sets, computer LCDs, notebook PCs, mobile phones, air-conditioners, auto LCD, automobile internal ornaments, car lamps, optics, OA and AV instruments, etc.